Verus Corporation is committed to providing the next generation of immersive, "heightened reality" training facilities to the United States armed forces. Our systems and products can exactly duplicate the plaster, stucco and stone architecture of the third world without the limits and costs associated with the faux stone and acrylic based systems used in modern construction. We look to duplicate not only the local building styles and materials, but also the sights, sounds and atmosphere of the various theaters of military operations around the world. Whether it is the proper radius of a specific arched opening or the proper wording and punctuation for a local road sign, we will insure that each element of the training environment is as accurate and as realistic as possible. By using all natural materials and materials that are consistent with the intended military theater, we can immerse the trainees in a real world environment that not only looks right, but also "feels" right.

Verus Corporation has an international team of designers with an extensive knowledge of old world construction details and techniques to insure that the systems and looks being recreated are true to the materials and environments duplicated. Using our proprietary CAD system and library of historical construction details, we will insure that not only the materials are true to life, but that the construction methods being duplicated are true to those of the actual location.